Taisyklės & sąvokos

1. Acceptance of an order shall be a legally binding contract between us.
We shall inform you of the receipt of an order by e-mail. We shall process your payment before sending out your ordered parcel to the extent of the price paid for all the ordered goods and delivery. The processing of the payment means the acceptance of an order of which we shall inform you by e-mail. The acceptance of an order shall be a legally binding contract between us. After the receipt of payment, we shall send you the goods at the address specified in the order.


2. Price
2.1. The prices of the goods specified in your order shall correspond to the prices disclosed on our website.

2.2. A separate payment shall be made for the delivery. Delivery to certain places of location may not be always possible. The amount of delivery expenses shall be determined by our delivery policy.


3. Your right to cancel the contract
3.1. You may cancel the contract concluded with us for the ordering of goods at any time until the end of the seventh working day as of the day following the day of receipt of the ordered goods. You do not need to give us reasons for cancellation of the contract, neither must you pay any penalty.

3.2 For cancellation of the contract, you must notify us by e-mail.

3.3. If you have received the goods before cancellation of the contract, you shall inform us of cancellation at sales@handal.net. Then you shall be informed as to where the returnable goods must be sent. The goods shall be returned at your expense and liability. If we have already processed the goods for delivery by the time of cancellation of the contract, you may not unpack the arrived goods, but have to return them at your expense and liability as soon as possible.

3.4. Once you have notified us of cancellation of the contract, the amount debited from your account to us shall be refunded to you as soon as possible – in any event within 30 days as of cancellation of the contract at the latest. If the goods have already been sent out, please return them to us at your expense.


4. Our right to change the contract and refuse to conclude the contract
4.1. We reserve the right to change the prices, availability and specifications of the products, but those changes shall not be made after conclusion of the contract.

4.2. We reserve the right to refuse to conclude the contract.
4.2.1. If we do not wish to conclude the contract, we shall inform you thereof within five working days by e-mail; we shall not then start processing your order. We shall not take the obligation to make any additional payment for compensation for disappointment.


5. Delivery of goods to the ordering person
5.1. We shall organise the delivery of ordered goods at the address received from you upon acceptance of your order.

5.2. We shall make any efforts to ensure the delivery as soon as possible after receipt of the order, in no event later than within 30 days.

5.3. We shall use the services of recognised parcel transport companies. If delivery within 30 days is not possible for any reason, we shall immediately notify you and we shall agree on another delivery date. If we fail to reach an agreement on another delivery date, we shall offer you refund.

5.4. You shall become the owner of the ordered goods after delivery of the goods. After delivery the goods shall be in your possession and we shall not be liable for their loss or damage.


6. Liability
6.1. If the delivered goods do not comply with your order or if the goods are damaged or defective or if the delivery volume is wrong, we shall be liable for this only in the case if you inform us of the problem within a reasonable time period by sending an e-mail notice at our contact information.

6.2. If you do not receive the goods within 30 days after the ordering date, we shall be liable for this only in the case if you inform us by e-mail at sales@handal.net.

6.3. If you notify us of the problems pursuant to the procedure specified in clauses 6.1 or 6.2 hereof, we shall take the following steps at our discretion:
6.3.1. we shall remedy defects or unmade delivery;
6.3.2. we shall replace or repair damaged or defective goods; or
6.3.3. we shall make the refund in a manner suitable to you in the amount paid for these goods.

6.4. Unless otherwise provided by law, we shall not be liable for any implicit and consequential damage that you have incurred in relation to:
6.4.1. losses that both parties to the contract could not foresee upon conclusion of the contract;
6.4.2. losses that do not arise from activities ignoring the regulations of the supplier;

6.4.3. losses and/or damages that are not related to consumers.

6.5. You must comply with all the requirements of applicable regulations and legal provisions, including all permits of customs, import, etc that are necessary for buying the goods on our website. Import or export of goods of certain type may be prohibited by certain legislation of your country. We shall not submit any comments nor take liablity in relation to the export or import of goods bought by you.

6.6. Irrespective of the requirements of a foreign country, the objective of any aforementioned requirement is not to restrict any consumer rights or other lawful rights that you may have on the basis of law applicable in your country. In other words: your lawful rights shall not be disregarded.


7. Notices
Unless expressly provided in the aforementioned conditions, all the notices aimed at us shall be sent at the e-mail address that is advertised on our website from time to time and all our notices to you shall be posted on our website. In any matters related to a specific order, we shall contact you by e-mail at the address specified in the order form.


8. Events beyond our control
We shall not take any liability if the ordered goods are not delivered or if delivery is delayed or if delivered goods are damaged or defective due to events or circumstances that occur for reasons beyond our reasonable control (the list is not exhaustive): strikes, lock-outs and other disputes between employers and employees, system failures or interruptions in the network, floods, fires, explosions or accidents.