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Become a Reseller of Handal Trade’s Extraordinary Egyptian Colocynth Ointment. Seize the Opportunity to Reshape Lives with the Power of Nature.

Are you a dedicated entrepreneur looking to enrich your product line with a unique and beneficial offering? Do you own a pharmacy, an eco-friendly shop, an e-commerce platform, a wellness center, or a wholesale business? Here at Handal Trade, we extend an exceptional opportunity for you to become a key player in the global health and wellness industry by reselling our premium Egyptian Colocynth Ointment.

Egyptian Colocynth Ointment is an extraordinary all-natural formulation, crafted meticulously with a blend of herbal oils and extracts. This miraculous ointment, devoid of any extenders or preservatives, is a compelling remedy for joint and muscle ailments. Its efficacy has been acknowledged worldwide, making it a sought-after solution for those seeking natural and sustainable wellness options.

The Handal Trade Advantage

As a reseller of Handal Trade’s Egyptian Colocynth Ointment, you will gain access to a wide range of benefits that include:

Unique Product: An exclusive opportunity to sell a 100% natural product that is steeped in tradition and yet meets contemporary wellness standards.

Competitive Margin: Benefit from a lucrative profit margin that ensures your business success while bringing wellness to your customers.

Global Reach: Leverage our brand recognition and become part of a global network of resellers that are improving lives worldwide.

Full Support: Receive complete sales, marketing, and logistic support, making your journey as a reseller smooth and profitable.

We are looking for partners who are passionate about wellness, believe in the power of nature, and have the drive to make a significant impact in their local markets. Your journey to becoming a Handal Trade reseller is just a click away. Whether you are a seasoned business owner or an enthusiastic startup, we welcome the opportunity to work with you. Let’s Revolutionize Wellness Together!

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Schedule a call today with our CEO, Mr. Kaur Kuurme. This introductory conversation is a fantastic opportunity to discuss the specifics of our reseller program, understand how our product can elevate your business, and answer any queries you might have.

Join us in bringing the magic of Egyptian Colocynth Ointment to the world and opening doors to a healthier, more natural future. Click on the link below to schedule your call with Mr. Kuurme.

Schedule a Call with CEO, Mr. Kaur Kuurme

Handal Trade is more than a company; we are a movement dedicated to natural wellness. With our Egyptian Colocynth Ointment, we are not just selling a product; we are advocating a lifestyle rooted in nature’s bounty. And we invite you to join us in this quest. Together, we can make a difference, one ointment at a time!


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Mr. Kaur Kuurme , CEO of  Handal Trade Ltd