Egyptian Colocynth Ointment

Egyptian Colocynth ointment is a 100% natural ointment made solely of herbal oils and extracts without any extenders or preservatives. An effective remedy for joint and muscle ailments

What can Egyptian Colocynth Ointment do?

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Herbal sports ointment that brings joint pain relief and relieves muscle tension and pain.

Decreases muscle tension and pain caused by forced position and excessive strain. After the ointment has been applied, the muscles will relax and the ailments will abate. Recommended to be used as a sports ointment. Ideally suited to people who engage in rehabilitative sports. The ointment encourages recovery from strain

The ointment’s effectiveness stems from its unique recipe which contains 17 herbal oils and extracts.

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LIA LASN – rehabilitation specialist
former sports medicine physician and coach.
Lia’s contact information: (Please write in English, Finnish, Russian or Estonian)

One winter I slipped, fell and suffered a severe contusion to my coccyx (or tailbone in layman’s terms.

ince I am a doctor myself, I knew of and tried out several methods that are used to reduce pain. However, the pain still persisted. A couple of months before my accident I had spent my vacation in Egypt and had bought some Colocynth ointment. According to the locals, the ointment was supposed to work wonders on joints and muscles.

My prolonged pain made me experiment with the Egyptian ointment. Think of it what you will, but my last-ditch attempt proved to be successful. After a week of using the ointment, I could already sit and walk as I pleased and after two weeks I wasn’t reminded of the pain at all.

It was this positive experience that made me become more interested in the medicinal properties of this light green ointment that contains bitter apple. I have been recommending the ointment to my patients for five years now and can say from first-hand experience that it can be used to alleviate muscle, soft tissue and joint aches, tension and inflammatory symptoms.